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company news about How To Apply Polyester Paint

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How To Apply Polyester Paint
Latest company news about How To Apply Polyester Paint

It is particularly important to pay attention to climate temperature changes before applying polyester paint.


Polyester paint construction should pay great attention to the preparatory work, mainly including the following:

① Check the air path of the air compressor to ensure that no moisture in the air is mixed into the paint.

②Furniture to be constructed must be thoroughly cleaned, paying special attention to the dead ends.

③ Wet the spray booth with water as needed to reduce flying dust.

④Prepare tools such as filter cloth, paint mixing utensils, cleaning thinner, paint mixing thinner, curing agent, etc., to avoid temporary hasty mixing.

⑤ Avoid construction on rainy days. The curing agent will react with moisture and cause many painting defects. Therefore, construction should be avoided on rainy days or in high humidity weather.



Construction process

1. Wood floor coating: white floor polishing brushes 1-2 times the bottom of Depot (or primer) sanding and brushing floor paint 2-3 times. The wood floor material is high-grade, and you can directly apply the floor paint 2-3 times without using a primer; the wood floor material is general, with wood eyes and wood seams, you can also scratch the transparent putty on the white blank 1-2 times, polish and smooth Then apply the primer.

2. Coating of transparent topcoat: white blanks are polished and scratched, transparent putty is polished 1-2 times, brushes are polished 1-2 times, bottom or transparent bottom. Application of polyester paintThe paint is polished and brushed to clear the topcoat twice. It does not scratch putty when painting high-quality boards with dark color and light wood eyes.

3. Sticker furniture coating: white blank sanding brush transparent paint 1 time sanding paste wood grain paper to dry and brush the bottom of Depot (or special clear primer) 1-2 times sanding brush clear paint 1-2 times.

①Pay attention to the proportion of paint and reasonable paint adjustment;

②Familiar with the use of spray gun;

③Improve the conditions of the construction site;

④Use proper thinner to adjust the paint;

⑤Use paint as soon as possible after adding curing agent.


The isocyanate monomers and their adducts in polyester paints have a strong stimulating effect on the human body. If the content of free monomers exceeds the prescribed standards, it will cause severe irritation to the human eyes, skin and respiratory system during construction. If you are exposed to polyurethane paint and polyester paint for a long time, the body may be infected with bronchitis, asthma or emphysema. In addition, most of the solvents and thinners in polyurethane paint and polyester paint are highly toxic benzenes. , To ensure air circulation.


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